Modi Govt Moves To Sell Over Rs 1 lakh Cr Worth Of Enemy Property

The Quila in Mahmoodabad (Courtesy: The Mille Gazette)

An amendment having been carried out in Enemy Property Act 2017 has granted powers to the union government to start selling all enemy properties that are lying vested with the Custodian of Enemy Property for India.

There are over 9400 enemy properties lying with the custodian, reports Indian Express.
The central government has issued guidelines and asked the enemy property custodian to draw up a list of all moveable and immovable assets and submit it within 3 months.

The ministry of Home Affairs has constituted a district level valuation committee and an inter-ministerial disposal committee to arrive at a fair valuation before the selling of enemy properties begins.

“The estimated value of all enemy properties is approximately Rs 1 lakh crore,” Union minister of state for home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir had told Rajya Sabha earlier.

The Enemy Property (Amendment) Rules, 2018 carried out in the Enemy Property (Amendment & Validation) Act 2017 has denied heirs of migrants who went to Pakistan or China after partition any claims on properties left that were left behind in India.

According to the new Act, ‘enemy property’ refers to any property belonging to, held or managed on behalf of an enemy, an enemy subject or an enemy firm.

After having arrived at a valuation of the enemy property asset, the government intends to constitute an Enemy Property Disposal Committee, which will make a recommendation of whether the property under consideration be sold by auction or by inviting tenders, be used by ministries and departments of the central government or maintain status quo of the property.

After a sale has been carried out, the property custodian will report to the central government at what price it was sold along with particulars of the buyer. The sale amount would be deposited into the Consolidated Fund of India.

“There are 9280 properties of persons who migrated to Pakistan and another 126 properties of those who migrated to China that are vested with the enemy property custodian,” stated a ministry official.

The highest number of enemy properties numbering 4991 are in Uttar Pradesh, followed by West Bengal with 2735. Delhi has 487 enemy properties. Properties left behind persons who migrated to China are highest in Meghalaya numbering 57, followed by West Bengal at 29. Assam has 7 such properties.