India successfully tests BrahMos supersonic missile

Hitting its target at Pokhran test range with precision, India successfully tested an indigenous seeker BrahMos supersonic cruise missile on Friday morning.

After shooing the strike weapon, the missile flew on the designated trajectory path to hit the target with pin point accuracy at 8.42 a.m.

The BrahMos missile though has been developed under collaboration with Russia, but the test flight on Friday was conducted for the first time with an Indian developed seeker technology. The seeker is vital for determining the accuracy of the weapon strike.

Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman congratulated the defence industry and the armed forces for the successful test of the supersonic missile.

“The successful test will further bolster our national security,” she said on Twitter.

The missile, named after Indian River Brahmaputra and Russian River Moskva, BrahMos is among the world fastest supersonic weapons that flies at three times the speed of sound.

It has a range of 400 kilometres and a strike accuracy of 99.99 percent.
Successfully flight tested in November 2017 from a Sukhoi -30 MKI combat jet, a weapons upgrade program is underway to equip 40 Sokhoi jets with the BrahMos missile. It is the heaviest weapon the jet will carry in its payload.

After getting past successful testing of the weapon, it is targeted to be integrated with the Indian Air Forces defence systems by the year 2020.